Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser - Stand Mount (1 UNIT)

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Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Hand Dispenser - GEL/LIQUID PUMP


✔️ ABS Plastic

✔️ Touchless - This hands-free soap dispenser is made to provide long-lasting durability and use. Built-in smart sensor has 0.2 second activation and dispenses 1ml liquid per pump

✔️ Works on C batteries (4) and will dispense 30,000 times before needing a new set. Also works on DC (not included)

✔️ This stand-mounted hand dispenser can highly improve hand hygiene and keep hands clean without touching anything. Easily assembles in 5-10 minutes

✔️1200ml Capacity & Energy Efficient - A compact size suitable for both home and public places. When it is getting close to needing a refill, you'll quickly see thanks to the transparent soap chamber.

✔️ Locking design, equipped with a key, especially safe and suitable for commercial public places, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, airports, restaurants, kitchens, and offices.

✔️ Suitable with Liquid & Gel Hand Sanitizer - This product works with most all-purpose brands of liquid soap, hands cleaner, kitchen dish soap, lotion, and so on.

✔️ Non-Drip Design - This dispenser uses smart infrared sensor, will not drip, leak or spill, so if you're looking for a tidy solution to help keep both hands and bathroom clean, look no further.

✔️ Each order is sent with 0.5% extra pumps in case of a product malfunction

👉 OEM and Bulk Discounts available - please inquire for more information